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Call for Papers: Special Issue on Urban Freight Logistics (Annals of Operations Research)

Call for Papers – Deadline: 31 December 2019 (Final Extension)

Journal: Annals of Operations Research

Special Issue: Simulation and Optimization to Facilitate Sustainable Urban Freight Logistics Operations


This is a call for papers that make a significant contribution to the topic Simulation and Optimization to Facilitate Sustainable Urban Freight Logistics Operations. It is open to all researchers of this area. We wouldlike to encourage, in particular, all participants of the International Multidisciplinary Modeling & SimulationMulticonference (I3M 2018) held in Budapest, 17 to 19 September 2018, to submit extended versions of their presented papers. Contributions arising from papers given at a conference should be substantially extended, and should cite the conference paper where appropriate.


Urbanization, congestion, traffic restrictions, and limited parking spaces challenge freight logistics providers, while customers increasingly purchase products online and demand faster services, such as same-day deliveries at little to no extra costs. In recent years, a wide range of promising business models have originated from this problem setting, including concepts such as cargo-bike deliveries, e-mobility, and urban consolidation strategies to enable efficient last-mile distribution of goods. Given various sources of uncertainty present in such daily operations (e.g., unsuccessful delivery attempts, dynamic traffic and parking situations), related problem settings present complex research topics and are, consequently, of high interest to various stakeholders such as researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers.

In this context, computer-aided computer systems facilitating simulation and/or optimization methods have become promising methods to investigate and optimize real-world processes. Such tools allow one to investigate operations in a flexible and risk-free manner to design operations and, furthermore, enable the optimization of existing solutions through better planning and routing procedures. This special issue is dedicated to recent advances and original solution approaches exploring research and applications of simulation and optimization methods in urban logistics and supply chain management. A particular focus is set on sustainable solutions considering economic, environmental, and social impacts of proposed solution methods and software systems to facilitate an improved understanding of sustainable urban logistics operations.

The main topics of interest are:

• Last-mile distribution and city logistics concepts

• Multi-actor crowdsourced deliveries systems

• Sustainable commercial modes of transport such as cargo-bikes and e-mobility

• Urban consolidation strategies at micro-hubs

• Loading, unloading, and transshipment systems dedicated to urban operations

• Time slot management

•Omni-channeling including click & collect and various home-delivery concepts

• Environmental, social, and transport policy aspects of freight logistics operations

Instructions for authors can be found at:

Authors should submit a cover letter and a manuscript by 30 June 2019
via the journal’s online submission site. Manuscripts submitted after the deadline may not be considered for the special issue and may be transferred to a regular issue.

Please see the Author Instructions on the web site if you have not yet submitted a paper through

Springer’sweb-based system, Editorial Manager. Be sure to note when leaving a comment that your work is intended for the special issue and to select the article type “S.I.:SimOpt for Urban Freight Logistics.”

Papers will be subject to a strict review process managed by the Guest Editors and accepted papers will be published online individually, before print publication.

Guest Editors:

Dr Christian Fikar

WU Vienna university of Economics and Business


Prof. Dr. Manfred Gronalt

BOKU – University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna


Prof. Dr. Francesco Longo

DIMEG, University of Calabria, Rende (CS), Italy


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