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Journal Articles – Food Logistics


Fikar, C (2018) A decision support system to investigate food losses in e-grocery deliveries. Computers & Industrial Engineering 117, 282-290. DOI

Fikar, C, Hirsch, PGronalt, M (2018) A decision support system to investigate dynamic last-mile distribution facilitating cargo-bikes. International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications 21(3), 300-317. DOI

Journal Articles – Home Health Care


Fikar, C, Hirsch, P (2017) Home Health Care Routing and Scheduling: A Review. Computers & Operations Research 77, 86-95. DOI


Fikar, C, Hirsch, P (2018) Evaluation of trip and car sharing concepts for home health care services. Flexible Services and Manufacturing 30(1-2), 78-97. [Download Publication]

ejieFikar, C, Juan, AA, Martinez, E, Hirsch, P (2016) A discrete-event driven metaheuristic for dynamic home service routing with synchronised trip sharing. European Journal of Industrial Engineering 10(3), 323-340. DOI:
jcleFikar, C, Hirsch, P (2015) A matheuristic for routing real-world home service transport systems facilitating walking, Journal of Cleaner Production 105, 300-310. DOI:

Journal Articles – Disaster Relief

Fikar, C, Hirsch, P, Nolz P (2018) Agent-based simulation optimization for dynamic disaster relief distribution.  Central European Journal of Operations Research 26(2), 423-442. [Access: Springer SharedIt]
dpmBerariu, R, Fikar, C, Gronalt, M, Hirsch, P (2016) Training decision-makers in flood response with system dynamics.  Disaster Prevention and Management 25(2), 118-136. DOI
dpmBerariu, R, Fikar, C, Gronalt, M, Hirsch, P (2016) Resource deployment under consideration of conflicting needs in times of river floods. Disaster Prevention and Management 25(5), 649-663. DOI 25(5), 649-663. DOI
eswa.gifFikar, C, Gronalt, M, Hirsch, P (2016) A decision support system for coordinated disaster relief distribution. Expert Systems with Applications 57, 104-116. DOI:
idrr.gifBerariu, R, Fikar, C, Gronalt, M, Hirsch, P (2015) Understanding the impact of cascade effects of natural disasters on disaster relief operations. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 12, 350–356. DOI:

Journal Articles – Miscellaneous

Serrano-Hernandez, A, Pintor, JM, Faulin J, Fikar, C, Alegria, I, Astiz P (2018) Practice Summaries: Deriving the Optimal Location of a Biorefinery in Northern Spain. Interfaces, in press.
Serrano, A, Patrick, H, Faulin, J, Fikar C (2018) Agent-Based Simulation for Horizontal Cooperation in Logistics and Transportation: from the Individual to the Grand Coalition. Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory 85, 47-59.
Gruler, A, Fikar, C, Juan, A, Hirsch, P, Contreras Bolton, C (2017) Supporting multi-depot and stochastic waste collection management in clustered urban areas via simulation-optimization. Journal of Simulation 11(1), 11-19. [Access: Springer SharedIt]
​Serrano-Hernandez, A., Hirsch, P., Faulin, J. and Fikar, C. (2018) The role of horizontal cooperation to improve service quality in last-mile distribution, Int. J. Simulation and Process Modelling 13 (4), 299–309​. DOI:
Fikar, C, Hirsch, P, Posset, M, Gronalt M (2016) Impact of transalpine rail network disruptions: A study of the Brenner Pass. Journal of Transport Geography 54, 122-131. DOI: