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Home Health Care Routing & Scheduling: Benchmark instances

In a recent review on home health care routing (HHC) and scheduling procedures, an overview of publicy available benchmark instances was provided. In the meantime, new data has been published and links altered. Consequently, this post provides an updated list of benchmark instances available online.

Please note that this list is not updated any longer. Contact me or leave a comment if you know of any further available data and I will add them to the list (last update: 12.04.2021).

Single-period HHC routing and scheduling data (alphabetically ordered):

  • Braekers, K., Hartl, R.F., Parragh, S.N., Tricoire, F. (2016) A bi-objective home care scheduling problem: Analyzing the trade-off between costs and client inconvenience. European Journal of Operational Research 248(2), 428-443 [Publication / Data]
  • Decerle, Jérémy, Grunder, Olivier, Hajjam El Hassania, Amir, Barakat, Oussama (2018) A memetic algorithm for a home health care routing and scheduling problem. Operations Research for Health Care 16, 59-71. [Publication / Data]
  • Fathollahi Fard, AM, Hajiaghaei-Keshteli, M, Mirjalili S (2020) A set of efficient heuristics for a home healthcare problem. Neural Computing and Applications 32, 6185-6205. [Publication + Supplementary Data]
  • Fathollahi Fard, AM, Hajiaghaei-Keshteli, M, Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, R (2018) A Bi-objective green home health care routing problem. Journal of Cleaner Production 200, 423-443. [Publication / Data (Supplementary Files)]
  • Fikar, C., Hirsch, P. (2018) Evaluation of trip and car sharing concepts for home health care services. Flexible Services and Manufacturing 30(1-2), 78-97. [Publication / Data]
  • Fikar C, Hirsch P (2015) A matheuristic for routing real-world home service transport systems facilitating walking. Journal of Cleaner Production 105: 300–310. [Publication / Data]
  • Frifita S, Masmoudi M (2020) VNS methods for home care routing and scheduling problem with temporal dependencies, and multiple structures and specialties. International Transactions in Operational Research 27, 291-313. [Publication / Data]
  • Hiermann G, Prandtstetter M, Rendl A, Puchinger, J,  Raidl GR (2015) Metaheuristics for solving a multimodal home-healthcare scheduling problem. Central European Journal of Operations Research 23 (1), 89–113 [Publication / Data]
  • Liu R, Yuan B, Jiang Z (2019) A branch-and-price algorithm for the home-caregiver scheduling and routing problem with stochastic travel and service times. Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal 31, 989-1011. [Publication / Data]
  • Mankowska DS, F. Meisel F, Bierwirth C (2014) The Home Health Care Routing and Scheduling Problem with Interdependent Services. Health Care Management Science 17, 15-30. [Publication / Data]
  • Masmoudi MA, Hosny M, Demir E, Cheikhrouhou N (2018) A study on the heterogeneous fleet of alternative fuel vehicles: Reducing CO2 emissions by means of biodiesel fuel. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 63, 137-155. [Publication / Data]
  • Trautsamwieser, A., Gronalt, M., Hirsch, P. (2011) Securing home health care in times of disasters, OR Spectrum 33(3), 787-813. [Publication / Data]

Multi-period HHC routing and scheduling data (alphabetically ordered):

  • Barrera D, Velasco N, Amaya CA (2012) A network-based approach to the multi-activity combined timetabling and crew scheduling problem: Workforce scheduling for public health policy implementation. Computers & Industrial Engineering 63(4), 802-812.  [Publication / Data (dead link)]
  • Cappanera P, Scutellà MG (2013) Home Care optimization: impact of pattern generation policies on scheduling and routing decisions. Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics, 41, 53 – 60. [Publication / Data]
  • Cappanera P, Scutellà MG (2015) Joint assignment, scheduling and routing models to Home Care optimization: a pattern based approach. Transportation Science 49(4), 830 – 852. [Publication / Data]
  • Cappanera, P., & Scutellà, M. G. (2021). Addressing consistency and demand uncertainty in the Home Care planning problem. Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal, in press. [Publication / Data]
  • Cinar, A., Salman, F. S., & Bozkaya, B. (2019). Prioritized Single Nurse Routing and Scheduling for Home Healthcare Services. European Journal of Operational Research, in press. [Publication / Data]
  • Grenouilleau F, Legrain A, Lahrichi N, Rousseau L-M (2019) A set partitioning heuristic for the home health care routing and scheduling problem. European Journal of Operational Research 275 (1), 295-303. [Publication / Data]
  • Lin, C-C., Hung, L-P., Liu, W-Y., Tsai, M-C. (2018) Jointly Rostering, Routing, and Rerostering for Home Health Care Services: A Harmony Search Approach with Genetic, Saturation, Inheritance, and Immigrant Schemes, Computers & Industrial Engineering 115, 151-166. [Publication / Data]
  • Trautsamwieser, A, Hirsch, P., (2014) A Branch-Price-and-Cut Approach for Solving the Medium-Term Home Health Care Planning Problem, Networks 64(3), 143-159. [Publication / Data]

–          Fikar, C, Hirsch, P (2017) Home Health Care Routing and Scheduling: A Review. Computers & Operations Research 77, 86-95. DOI, , Kudos:

Image: BOKU

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